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How is your business
doing online?

No matter whether you need a website or improvements to the one you already have.
If your business is struggling to get results in search engines like Google.
Or looking for advice regarding SEO, hosting or online marketing.
I can help you get it right.
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Who is James Kockelbergh?

James is a designer, entrepreneur, business owner, teacher, speaker, SEO and online marketing consultant who thanks to the Internet, works from the beautiful island of Menorca (Spain). Because he has been doing this since the late 90s he has the insight that can help your business grow online by doing:
  • Design or improve your existing website.
  • Rank you in search engines like Google.
  • Map out your online marketing plan.
Already convinced? drop him a line by filling out the contact form if not, you can read more about James here.

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